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₪1200000 Zamy Steynovitz Early Original ₪1200000 (tlv > FL, USA) pic [xundo]

Fine art paintings made on canvas pic [xundo]

₪400 Graffiti Artist selling his original art in ISRAEL ₪400 (tlv > Tel-Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪150 Bloom_Original Painting ₪150 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪200 Jaffo ₪200 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪200 Taurum_Original Painting ₪200 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪300 Fountain of youth_Original Painting ₪300 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪100 Small King_Original Painting ₪100 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪200 Warsaw ghetto on fire_Original Painting ₪200 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪100 Autodafe_Original Painting ₪100 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪200 Rome Steps_Original Painting ₪200 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪100 King Samo_Original Painting ₪100 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪200 Hug _ Original Painting ₪200 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪400 Sunset in Tel Aviv ₪400 (tlv > Tel Aviv) pic [xundo]

₪200 Home_Plus - Original Painting ₪200 (tlv > Tel Aviv_Jaffo) pic [xundo]

₪200 In between - Original Painting ₪200 (tlv > Tel Aviv-Israel) pic [xundo]

₪500 Original canvas painting of Romantic women fire ₪500 [xundo]

(Craigslist Preferred Breeder 2014 & 15) Finger monkeys USDA breeder (hfa > Act Fast) [xundo]

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (French, 1908-1992) tempera on paper pic [xundo]

Max Liebermann (German, 1847--1935) oil on canvas pic [xundo]

18th Century Italian Old Master, Blessed Virgin Mary Assumption pic [xundo]

Louis Andre Margantin (French, 1900 -- 1965) oil on canvas pic [xundo]

Moïse Kisling (French, 1891-1953) oil on canvas, Vase of Flowers pic [xundo]

Honoré Daumier {school} French, 1808-1879 oil on wood pic [xundo]

Eugène Louis Boudin (French, 1824-1898) oil on canvas mounted on board pic [xundo]

Moïse Kisling (French, 1891-1953) oil on canvas, Bouquet of Flowers pic [xundo]